Our Story

The name Esteelo is a play on the spanish word Estilo (which means Style). I replaced the letters “ti” with “tee” because my primary garments used are tees (t-shirts). ES-TEE-LO is how it is pronounced just like the actual word estilo. Everything we do at Esteelo is done with style!

I started silk screening as a hobby in my 2 car garage turned into a workshop in the summer of 2010.¬† I began learning the trade (completely self taught) putting in hours and hours of work doling out t-shirts for family and friends. Before I knew it, I took on a small job for a friend’s softball team and another and then another. Then it finally dawned on me that what was started as a hobby had the potential to become a fulfledged¬† business and Esteelo Custom Tee Co. was born. Soon after, we moved out of my garage workshop into our current facility.

–¬†Michael “Mikey” Reyes